Spy on Viber in Secret

Viber Messenger Spy

Spy on private or group chats on Viber remotely and insvisibly.

Wondering what they're doing on Viber? Spyier can show you:

  • Read all private and group Viber chats.
  • View exchanged media files.
  • Find deleted Viber messages and archives.
  • Check details like Viber contacts names and numbers.
  • Access someone's Viber in minutes with Spyier.

3 Convenient Steps to Spying on Viber

Pick a Plan

Go to the pricing page and choose a plan.

Download the Spy App

Download Spyier to the target Android device. Then follow the install prompts.

Monitor Viber

Start monitoring Viber by logging in to the dashboard from your web browser.

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Safely Spy on Someone's Viber

Sometimes you have no choice but to spy on someone's Viber. Maybe you're looking out for someone who's spending too much time on the app. Or maybe you're trying to protect yourself or yourinterests.

If your child is using Viber, you can use Spyier to spy on their app use and make sure they're safe. You can ensure no one with bad intentions is targetting your child. Also, you can check to see if they're exchanging appropriate messages with their friends.

If you're in a relationship and think your partner could be cheating on you, a look at their Viber account activity can give you the clarity you need. If they're being intimate with someone on the app, then they are indeed cheating on you.

Spyier is dependable, easy to set up, and popular worldwide. Download it and start spying on Viber now!

Spy on Someone's Viber Remotely

You can use Spyier to conveniently and safely monitor someone's Viber use. You can install Spyier in minutes via your smartphone or PC. Once that's done, simply log in to the Spyier dashboard from any web browser.

In the Spyier dashboard, look for the "Social Apps > Viber" option to the left in the selection panel. The Viber window will load up. This window gives you an overview of Viber activity. You can see all incoming and outgoing messages in chronological order.

The window also backs up all Viber messages, so you can find deleted messages here. The other information available includes contacts names and exchanged media files.

Use Spyier's Viber Spy Without Root

Spyier is one of the rare few apps that work without rooting. You don't need to root the target device to spy on Viber. Note that this feature won't work with target iOS devices at present. However, Spyier for iOS can still monitor messages, iMessages, WhatsApp, and LINE.

Works in Stealth

Spyier's Android version is impossible to detect. You'll be able to monitor anyone's Viber use without being discovered. After you install Spyier, you can hide the app. Afterward, it will run in the background without draining the battery. The iOS version of Spyier is web-based and works without software, which makes it impossible to detect.

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