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Download Our Goals for a 50-Year Local Economic Development Plan

We have a responsibility to improve things now and in the future. Will you join me?


We Need to Rebuild Infrastructure

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Digital Infrastructure

We need to expand Internet Broadband, Network infrastructure, Mobile Telecommunications and Cloud Computing.

Transportation Infrastructure

We need more Bridge and Road transport to connect to neighboring towns and cities.

Power and Energy Infrastructure

For Industrial Development and to grow our economy Electrical power is very crucial; so, we need to build more wind turbines and solar panels as they are more eco-friendly and are part of clean energy.

Water Infrastructure

We will need to build an adequate water supply; water resource management, flood management, proper sewage, and drainage system infrastructure.

Health Infrastructure

We will explore more on Health Information Technology (HIT) in our District and how that can improve lives across the state.

Educational Infrastructure

As to meet future demand, we need to build enough Public schools.

Recreational Infrastructure

An increase in Public parks and gardens, Lakes and Natural reserves for the enjoyment and betterment of our people is very important.


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